We know that building a sustainable brand is an ongoing process that takes time and that we need to constantly evaluate and improve.

We believe in sustainability in everything we do at DOUIE. From the people we work with, their health, working conditions and livelihoods to the products and materials we choose from. We know the importance of protecting our planet's resources in order to achieve better production and a better tomorrow. Therefore, when designing new collections, we consider the lifespan of our styles. We believe in making flawless quality clothing that will last.

Every single product is unique. It is important to us to let them know that the people behind DOUIE are real people who work with heart, love and passion. Our knitting companies are subject to an ethical code of conduct in order to guarantee fair wages and working conditions for everyone involved in the production of our collections.

We choose materials that make sense to us, not just in terms of look, feel and touch, but also in the long term. When choosing fabrics, we use high-quality materials that are considered less harmful to the environment. We believe in the quality of the products we manufacture to ensure a long lifespan when you invest in a DOUIE product. We want you to be able to wear your clothes over and over again and to keep the designs you love. We know how important key elements are in our wardrobe and in our personality.

The manufacture of products in long-lasting quality and craftsmanship are therefore reasons that are close to our hearts.
At DOUIE we focus on sustainability, not only in terms of the materials we use, but also in terms of sustainable production and the well-being of the people who work with us.