The story of DOUIE Hamburg begins around 9,206 kilometers from Hamburg - in South America. "I had the idea for DOUIE Hamburg in 2019 when I was traveling to Bogota for work," says founder Sonja. “I was told in advance that it was always hot there, but that was misinformation. So I shivered and bought a wonderfully fluffy mohair cardigan from a knitting old lady at a local weekly market and was approached very actively about this knitted item on the following weekend in Hamburg. ”That was when she realized that the cardigan she was wearing fell in love with Colombia, there is much more to it than spontaneous holiday shopping. Cuts and designs of cardigans and sweaters were discussed with friend Ina in Hamburg, knitted, modified, found to be good and then hand-knitted in large numbers of knitting in European knitting companies. A new favorite yarn was quickly added: pure merino wool for real coarse knit eye-catchers. Signature pieces that were planned as a drop, quickly established themselves and characterized by extra-wide sleeves and short, figure-hugging cuts. With DOUIE Hamburg, she has made her collection a long-lasting and at the same time absolutely trendy companion for all of us.

Our view on sustainability

A traceable production chain was important to us. When people, the environment, animals and economic efficiency are in balance, that is sustainability for us. Bringing products onto the market whose manufacture and use are energy-saving and environmentally friendly, but at the same time combine the highest quality, comfort and durability of the finished parts. DOUIE is 100% produced in Germany and Europe, which keeps the transport routes short and significantly reduces CO2 emissions compared to conventional industrial processes. One goal is not only to produce fairly produced knitwear, but also to actively promote the upheaval in the fashion industry as a young company. High-quality natural yarns such as pure merino wool and mohair form the starting point of our collection, the yarns come exclusively from yarn suppliers in Europe. The advantages have attributes such as: insulating and very warming, comfortable to wear, hard-wearing, particularly soft, silky to the touch and shiny inside. Mohair and pure merino belong to the class of precious wools and are characterized by their softness and lightness.